Walgreens and Rite Aid
August 15, 2008, 11:07 am
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I had a $2 Register Reward expiring this week, so I decided to run into Walgreens to get some Kashi cereal that was on sale for $2.50 a box. I printed out two $2 coupons from Kashi’s website and wound up paying $1.69 for all three boxes. An awesome deal for cereal that is usually $4+ a box!

I also stopped into Rite Aid to pick up the following:
2 boxes of Durex condoms on sale for $6.99 a box minus 2 $2 coupons= $9.98
1 bottle of Astroglide on sale for $7.99
Total out of pocket with tax= $19.07
I’ll be getting $17.99 back in Single Check Rebates.

We’ll probably be stopping into Kroger tonight to pick up a few sale items and to stock up on goodies for our beach trip this weekend. Jake’s friend invited us to come down to Nag’s Head with him this weekend and we couldn’t refuse! I should be back to posting on Monday night. Have a good, frugal weekend, everyone!

Kroger and Rite Aid
August 8, 2008, 5:26 pm
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CVS and Walgreens didn’t thrill me this week, so I only hit up Kroger and Rite Aid.

I only got two things at Rite Aid: Renu contact solution and Gillette shampoo. I used $1 coupon for the shampoo and spent $13.98. I will be getting $13.48 back in rebates.

Jake and I stumbled upon some great organic clearance deals at Kroger:
4 bars of Giovanni soap that were normally $6 a piece for $6 all together (I’m going to give at least 2 of them as Christmas gifts)
a stack of Zhena’s Gypsy iced tea tins that was normally $9 for $5 (Christmas gift)
2 cartons of coffee flavored soy milk for $.67 each
3 boxes of powered chai iced tea mix for $.41 a box
a container of fresh rosemary for $.99

We also got the following at Kroger:
2 bags of salad for $1.89 each
a package of mini seedless cucumbers for $.99
a container of tomatoes on the vine for $1.99
12 boxes of Barilla pasta for $.75 a box
2 rolls of Pillsbury crescents for $.30 a piece
a free box of Honey Bunches of Oats

We’re actually going to go to Kroger again today to get the last of the party items as well as some deli items that we couldn’t get because the deli was already closed when we got there last night. Hopefully we’ll stumble across some more deals :-).

The motherload
August 1, 2008, 12:00 pm
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I really haven’t had much time or luck the past couple of weeks when it comes to deals, but this week looked promising and man, did I come home with a stash. I hit Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, and Kroger all in the same afternoon. I haven’t taken a picture in awhile, so here are my goodies (expect for the things I got a Rite Aid since I completely forgot to include them) along with my goofy cat, Basil, who just had to check out what was going on:


First up, Ride Aid:
1 bottle of Garnier Fructis Hydra Curls conditioner $2.99 minus $1 coupon (which I found on a tear pad at Rite Aid)= $1.99
1 tube of Garnier Fructis Strength and Repair melting mask $2.99 minus $1 coupon (I looked for the Beauty the Rite Way coupon booklet to get a $1 store coupon as well, but I couldn’t find it anywhere)= $1.99
Total with tax= $4.28
I will be getting $5.98 back in Single Check rebates

3 bags of Hershey’s Bliss chocolates $10.50 minus BOGO coupon (which cashier rang up as $3.99 instead of $3.50), minus $3 EasySaver coupon, minus 2 $1 coupons from internet= $1.51
2 bottles of Listerine $8 minus 2 $.50 coupons= $7 (Jake has been bugging me to get him mouth wash for months)
1 bottle of BioInfusion Organic shampoo & 1 bottle of BioInfusion Organic conditioner $11.98
1 bag of Purina Cat Chow $3.99 minus $4 coupon from internet= FREE
1 bag of Purina Dog Chow $3.99 minus $4 coupon from internet= FREE
Minus $5 off $20 purchase coupon
Total with tax= $16.48
Paid $7.69 with gift card, $8.79 out of pocket
I got back a $2 Register Reward from Listerine and will be getting $16.98 back in EasySaver rebates.

1 Revlon Limited Edition lip gloss $9.99 minus $2 coupon= $7.99 (like I would ever pay that much for such a small lip gloss!)
2 bags of Premium M&Ms $8 minus 2 $1 coupons= $6 (like I would ever pay that much for such small packages of M&Ms!)
2 bags of Lifesavers BOGO minus BOGO coupon = BOTH FREE
Minus $5 off $15 purchase
Minus $9 in ECBs
Total with tax= $.24
I got back $14.99 in ECBs.

And last, but not least: Kroger. I’ll just point out the great deals and spare you all the mundane details (after all, who really cares about how much I paid for my bananas?). I bought the following 10 participating items to get an extra $5 off my transaction (prices listed on these are after the $5 was taken off):
4 boxes of Kroger oatmeal (got to stock up for the winter months) $4
2 3 packs of Irish Spring soap $2 minus 2 $.30 coupons doubled to $.60 each= $.80
2 packs of Ball Park hot dogs $3 minus $1 coupon= $2
2 bottles of Softsoap hand soap $2 minus 2 $.35 coupons doubled to $.70 each= $.60
I also got the following on clearance:
Tropicana Pure 100% grapefruit juice (the fancy kind in a plastic bottle) $1.25 minus $1 coupon= $.25
Package of Italian sausages $1.49
Box of organic mac and cheese $.69
1/2 gallon of chocolate milk from a local farm $1.50
Box of organic couscous $1.25
4 pack of DanActiv $1.29 minus $1 coupon= $.29
6 pack of FiberOne yogurt $1.39 minus $1 coupon= $.39
All in all, I spent $32.13 at Kroger and saved $19.61.

I think you can call that a mighty productive day!

A week full of deals
June 6, 2008, 8:34 pm
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So, I didn’t get the job I was interviewed for two weeks ago. Instead of moping, I’m going to recount all the excellent deals I got this week.

First off, I got a free pair of Jockey’s Ultimates undies at Macy’s. I also got a free Krispy Kreme doughnut today.

I went to two bakery outlets (Pepperidge Farm and Wonder Bread) and got two loaves of bread, a box of crackers, a bag of mini bagels, and a box of frozen garlic bread for about $9.

CVS and Rite Aid proved to be pretty good, especially compared to the past couple of weeks.

At CVS, I got:
2 bags of Chex Mix for $2 minus 2 $1 coupons= FREE
2 bottles of Dawn dish soap $2 minus $.25 coupon = $1.75
1 two pack of Oral B toothbrushes $6.99
1 package of CVS Qtips $3.19
1 birthday card $2.29
Minus $10 ECB
Total with tax $4.49
I got $9.99 back in ECBs.

The first Rite Aid I went to was being closed down in a few days, so I left and went to my usual Rite Aid and got:
2 bottles of Head and Shoulders shampoo $8 minus B1G1F coupon that cashier rung up for full price of $5.49 instead of $4= $2.51
1 bottle Pantene Pro V Beautiful Lengths conditioner $3 minus $1.50 coupon= $1.50
Total with tax $4.16
I’ll be getting $5.50 back in rebates.

Now, if only getting a full time job were as easy as saving money…

This week’s trip to Rite Aid and CVS
May 2, 2008, 1:34 pm
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Once again I’m going to skip taking a picture since I didn’t get too much and I already put everything away. Hopefully next week will prove to be more photogenic.

I dropped by Rite Aid earlier this week to get two items that had rebates that were only good until Tuesday. I really love Citre Shine products, so even though I didn’t have any coupons, I didn’t want to pass this one up!

Citre Shine conditioner $3.99
Charles Worthington Big Waves shampoo $4.99
Total with tax $9.43
I’ll be getting $8.98 pack in Single Check Rebates

As I posted about a few days ago, CVS had some Burt’s Bees products half price so I scooped up a whole bunch to give as gifts. We were also in need of some laundry detergent so I took advantage of the All BOGO.

2 bottles of All detergent $6.49 minus one $1.50 coupon and one $1 coupon= $3.99
2 Mother’s Day cards $5.48
Burt’s Bees baby soap $2.49
Burt’s Bees baby lotion $4.49
Burt’s Bees diaper ointment $3.74
Burt’s Bees hand care kit $6.49
Burt’s Bees trial sized kit $7.49
Minus $3.50 in ECBs and $1 CRT
Total with tax $31.28
I didn’t get any ECBs back nor do I have any left so I’ll be starting fresh this weekend.

CVS emailed me a $4/$20 that’s only good until Sunday so I plan to head out and get the monthly ECB deals for May before then.

Deals, deals, deals
April 25, 2008, 4:51 pm
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This week, I discovered some awesome clearance deals at Kroger and snatched up the last of the April rebates at Rite Aid and Walgreens.


We got the above for a mere $38.45. Some of the highlights include: 5 gourmet salad bowls for $1 a piece (these are normally about $6 or $7 each), 4 veggie snack packs for $1 a piece, 2 jars of organic papaya for $1 a piece (normally $4.60 each), a bag of prewashed, peeled shallots for $.50, and a package of fresh herbs for $.50. I love hunting for clearance items at Kroger!


I think Rite Aid wanted to get on women’s good sides this week: free chocolate, makeup, and hair care products!

Hershey’s Bliss $2.99
Pure Shine Curls $3.99
Jane mineral eye shadow $4.99
Oral B Cross Action toothbrush $3.19 minus $1 coupon (I swear this coupon was for $.75, but it rang up as $1 off)= $2.19
Total out of pocket= $14.84
I’ll be getting $15.26 back in Single Check Rebates


I finally went to Walgreens this afternoon to get the April EasySaver free after rebate items. I wanted to get the Duracell batteries that offered a $3 rebate as well, but they were all sold out. Maybe they’ll offer a Duracell deal next month too.

Aquafresh Advanced toothpaste $3.49 minus $2 coupon= $1.49
Soyjoy bar $1.39
Colgate toothbrush $3.99 minus $.75 coupon= $3.24
Jane mineral blush $4.99
Minus $10 Register Reward
Total= $1.76, paid by gift card
I’ll be getting $13.86 back in EasySaver rebates

Rite Aid for beginners
April 22, 2008, 3:54 pm
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Rite Aid’s rebate program, Single Check Rebates, is probably the simplest drug store rebate program to participate in. Rite Aid offers a monthly rebate directory (usually found near the front of the store, next to the weekly ad) where you can find all the rebates they have for the month.

Some of the Single Check Rebates aren’t valid for the whole month, they are only available for one week out of the month. It will clearly say in the rebate directory when it is only a week long rebate. They also offer double rebates when you buy a participating product during a certain week and get double the original rebate amount (if you buy the product any time during the month other than during the specified week, it will only be for the original rebate amount). Again, these are clearly marked in the rebate directory. Rite Aid usually offers at least a few items that are free after rebate each month. These deals can be sweetened by using coupons to lower the total amount you pay out of pocket.

The great thing about Single Check Rebates is that you can enter the information off of your receipts and request your rebate check on Rite Aid’s website. There’s no need to use stamps to mail off anything, thus increasing the amount of money you will make. Once you have all of your receipts entered for a given month, you request your check by the deadline and receive it in the mail a few weeks later.

Nice and easy.