Figuring out a new schedule
September 29, 2008, 12:27 pm
Filed under: Careers, Library Science, Money Basics

I started my new job last week and, so far, I’m very happy with it.

My health insurance starts the first of October and I’m lucky enough to have a great plan through the state since the university I’m working for is a public school. I’ve signed up online for my 403(b) account with Fidelity and all I have to do is turn in a few papers to HR when I go into work on Tuesday. After 5 years of working with the state, I will also be eligible for a pension plan in addition to the 403(b). I didn’t even know pensions were still offered now a days! The university also offers tuition waiver and tuition reimbursement programs so I could potentially get my masters for free. I’ll write more about this later, though. In addition to all my great benefits I’ll be getting, the people I work with are all really nice and laid back and it seems like the work I’ll be doing will be interesting.

I am now working Tuesday through Saturday 9am to 6pm which is a pretty big change from my past schedules. Sunday is the only full day that Jake and I will have off together so Sundays are going to be reserved for nice couple time. Mondays, I’ve decided, are going to be primarily for errands- the bank, the library, drug store shopping, doctors’ appointments. As a staff member, I can get a cheap membership to the university gyms and I would really like to start swimming again. I was thinking about going straight after work for about an hour Tuesday through Friday. That means I wouldn’t get home until after 7. I will most likely need to bring a post lunch snack to work to keep me from starving.

These past couple of days I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done since I get home later than I’m used to and I’m usually too tired to focus on anything that’s too involved. I think I need to make sure I get most of my to do list done on my days off so I don’t feel like I’m pushing things off and not accomplishing anything. I’ve also been meaning to clean the apartment for awhile now, but things keep coming up so I’m determined to do it today. Once my environment is tidier, I think I’ll feel calmer and more in control.

I just keep repeating to myself the saying that if you never change, you never grow. I think after a few adjustments and a new schedule in place, I’ll be happily growing in my new career.

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