On feeling stuck and moving forward
September 23, 2008, 9:05 am
Filed under: Careers, Grad School, Library Science

I am getting to the point where I feel that studying for the GRE has taken over my life and that I must take it soon so that I can just move on. I am on the last study book that I got from the library, so the end is indeed near for me. I’m sick of vocab flashcards that gain me too much attention in the breakroom. I miss reading books and idle time spent wastefully. A Monday morning in October is what I’m aiming for. Possibly the second Monday of the month. Maybe I should just go ahead and sign up for it so that I’ll get an extra kick of motivation. Hmm right now, I’m feeling too chicken to do that.

Tomorrow is my last day at the public library. I really am going to miss the vast majority of my coworkers and some of the regular patrons. I know that I’ll make new friends at my new job, but it’s hard to wander into the unknown when you’re leaving a comfortable, familiar place. I’m just keeping in the mind the fact that I need this new job- the benefits, the pay, the tuition reimbursement that would pay for my graduate degree. There are way too many positives to focus on the negative of leaving friendly faces.


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