What to do with all that extra money…
September 10, 2008, 2:40 pm
Filed under: Money Basics

I start my new job on September 25th. I really could not be more thrilled to finally get a full time job with benefits, especially now that I have no health insurance and only one part time job. What really blows my mind is that I will be making more than double what I currently make. In order to curb the temptation to just go out and buy whatever my heart desires with all the extra money I’ll be making, I’ve come up with a list of things, goals if you will, that I would like to do with the money (in no particular order):

-Increase the amount of money I put into savings every month.
-Contribute enough money to my 403(b) so that I get the full company match.
-Start a Roth IRA.
-Pay my grandmother back monthly for the money she lent me to pay for my car.
-Change my student loan payment plan so that all of my loans are on the “Level” plan (right now, 2 of my loans [the two beefiest] are on a graduated plan).
-Pay for half of the grocery bill (Jake has been paying for the vast majority of our groceries since I’ve never had enough to pay for my share).
-Slowly incorporate organic and eco-friendly products into our daily lives.
-Donate money to charities and organizations.
-Some new work clothes wouldn’t hurt.
-Continue utilizing all the money saving strategies I currently use and continue to seek out new ways to save money.

I hope to update you all with my progress from time to time to help keep me accountable.