Slip up
July 20, 2008, 7:54 pm
Filed under: Money Basics

Jake informed me a few nights ago that, in addition to the guitar parts he needed to buy for a guitar that he’s currently getting paid to work on, he purchased a guitar part for himself. That frivolous part cost him about $200 and, to make matters worse, he purchased it on his credit card. When he told me this, I was rendered speechless. It was as if we were back to where we were a year, two years ago. How could he resort to his old ways of spending recklessly? Especially when we’re really tight and saving every extra penny for the wedding?

It didn’t take long through my diatribe before Jake started to feel really shitty about his purchase. He admits that his credit card hijacks his brain and leaves him a spending zombie. He took out his old plastic friend from his wallet and put it back in the safe keeping drawer.

There’s really nothing we can do, but try and pay back his credit card as fast as we can. Hopefully the money he’s getting from the guitar repair work will pay for his little slip up. At least we learned something valuable from his mistake: Jake still cannot responsibly handle his credit cards.