The first few weeks of wedding planning
July 13, 2008, 10:05 pm
Filed under: Frugality, Wedding

I adamantly resisted planning my wedding for a good 6 months. A few weeks ago, though, it dawned on me that it’s possible Jake and I can swing a wedding for next summer, like we originally wanted, and I got down to planning. Believe it or not, I actually really enjoy it! Here are the frugal things I’ve come up with so far:
-We’re going to have the wedding in upstate NY where Jake’s family lives. His uncle owns a restaurant on Lake Champlain and he gave us a really good deal for the reception. He also owns 6 cabins on the water and he gave us a great deal on these as well (one for us and the rest for out of town guests).
-We’re either going to have the ceremony at a small park close to the restaurant or have it outside of the restaurant on the water.
-I’m only having a maid of honor.
-Peonies grow everywhere in that part of New York and so I will have peonies in my bouquet, my maid of honor’s bouquet, and in the centerpieces. We’re going to get the flowers from Jake’s relatives’ backyards. Jake’s mom is going to be making all of the flower arrangements.
-Jake’s mom is going to make our cake and Jake’s aunt is going to decorate it.
-We’re going to use our iPod as the DJ and Jake can loan audio equipment from his work for free.
-We’re going to have a buffet instead of a served meal.
-We’re probably going to buy the alcohol at a liquor wholesaler in New York and have the bartender serve it at the reception instead of using and being charged for the restaurant’s alcohol.
-We’re probably going to go to Maine for our honeymoon instead of going to Italy like we originally planned. I think we’ll save Italy for our one year anniversary.

I would love to hear more ideas you all have for ways to keep wedding costs down.