A nice change from plain water
June 10, 2008, 4:20 pm
Filed under: Food, Frugality

Virginia has been in the midst of a heat wave for what seems like forever. For the last couple of days, the highs have been in the low 100s with the heat index at least a few degrees hotter. Jake and I have been drinking tons of water day in and day out in order to stay hydrated and to try to keep cool. Water’s great and all, but after awhile, you want a little flavor to keep things interesting. The only drinks we buy are milk and orange juice since I can’t really rationalize spending money on most other (overpriced) drinks, so we really don’t have many other options for things to drink other than water.

I was going to break down and ask Jake if he wanted to buy some powered lemonade or iced tea mix the next time we go grocery shopping, but before I could remember to ask him, he had taken the previously unused coffee maker off of the top of the fridge and brewed a batch of tea with some of the tea bags we bought this past winter. He added some sugar, let it cool on the counter, then put it in the fridge to transform it into some refreshing iced tea.

All thanks to my fiance’s quick and frugal thinking, not one additional red cent was spent to add some thirst quenching variety to our water chugging days.

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Have you ever thought about making sun tea? I do that now. I spent about $2 at Aldi to get 100 tea bags. I make a 2 gallon container of tea each week with 6 bags that last me all week. That $2 isn’t bad over the course of several weeks/months.

Comment by johnschr

No, I haven’t thought of sun tea. Do you just put the tea bags in water and set it in the sun?

Comment by Sarah

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