It continues to pay to pay attention
June 7, 2008, 1:25 pm
Filed under: Money Basics

Jake and I got a statement in the mail from our real estate company- never a good thing. The last time we got one, it was because they charged us a fee for turning our rent in late (we didn’t realize it was late until we got the statement and then read over the lease to see what constituted late rent- whoops). I knew our rent wasn’t late this time and I had a receipt to prove it. Wedged in between all of our (on time) rent payments was a $40 fee for unclogging our kitchen sink.

Unclogging our kitchen sink? We’ve never had a clog in our kitchen sink. While the fee was dated April 25th, the note next to it said the work was done on March 4th. The pipes under our kitchen sink had been leaking a long time ago, but I knew we had requested them to fix it way before March.

I gave the real estate company a call and explained that we never had a clogged kitchen sink. She pulled our record and only found the request for the leaking pipes. I asked her the date on that request and she said January 7th. She said she had no authority to clear fees off of our statement and that I would have to send an email to the maintenance supervisor. As soon as I got off the phone with her, I drafted the email and sent it off.

I have yet to receive a reply. I really hope they clear this fee soon as nothing about it adds up. We requested work done in January which means it would have been on our statement in February, but the fee that they are charging us was done in March and showed up in April. Most importantly, the pipes were leaking and we asked them to fix that, not a clogged sink. We are more than capable of fixing a clog and there’s no reason why we would have asked them to do that.

Just another friendly reminder to double check all of your bills for accuracy.

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