A birthday full of deals
May 22, 2008, 11:14 pm
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Sorry for not posting yesterday. As it was my birthday and all, I decided to give myself a little break from writing. Somehow Jake and I both managed to have the day off, so we took advantage of the opportunity to spend the whole day together. The only things on my agenda were to find a pair of black shoes for my job interview tomorrow and to have dinner with my dad at a local Indian restaurant.

Jake treated me to lunch and then we walked down the street to a Goodwill to look for shoes. On the way, we came across a promotional event for Scion in front on a local music store. Jake just happens to own a Scion, so we didn’t need to test drive one of their cars to get in on the offers. We took an eight question survey and both received a $15 gift certificate to the music store, a can of Rockstar (I gave mine to Jake because those things are gross), and a fistful of pens. $30 free bucks for CDs for a minute of our time? Hell yeah!

Once we actually got to the Goodwill, I made a bee line for the shoes. While I was perusing the selection, Jake sat down on a nearby sofa to ease the pain of waiting. As soon as he sat down, he called me away from the shoes. “Look at this sofa. Sit down.” I sat. It was one of the most comfortable sofas I’ve ever sat on. The cover wasn’t ugly and everything was in good shape. We looked at the tag- it was only $100. The metal frame of our futon as been slowly bending back to the point that it can only lay down flat. After listening to a string of “can we get it can we get it can we get it”s, we tried to pick it up to see how heavy it was. It was oddly heavy. We checked under the cushions- it was a sleeper. For $100! Sold! We went in for shoes and left with a sofa.

Once we managed to get ahold of/talk Jake’s brother into helping us haul the sofa home in his truck, we visited two more local thrift stores with no luck before he was able to come over to our part of town. We took a breather once the futon was taken apart and the sofa was carried up the stairs and then stopped by two more Goodwills before dinner. At the second Goodwill (and last thrift store that I could think of), I found my shoes. Or I should say, one of them. They were black, they were cute, they were my size, but I could only find the right shoe. I scoured the racks and couldn’t find its partner. I asked the cashier if there was any hope and she called a manager over to search for the shoe. About 5 minutes later, an employee came up with the complete pair. I about hugged the guy I was so happy. $8 and the shoes were mine.

Free gift certificates; a cheap, cozy sofa; a perfect pair of inexpensive shoes; and a yummy dinner culminated in a very happy and frugal 22nd birthday.


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I loved this post! Sounds like the perfect frugal person’s birthday. I’m 22 also and it’s nice to read another blog from someone as young. Have a good weekend!

Comment by Sarah

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Brahms.

Comment by Brahms

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