A few quick updates
April 28, 2008, 2:33 pm
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Credit reports and score:
I received my last credit report in the mail from Equifax. All of the information is correct and my score went up a few points- yay! Nothing is listed under public records, so TransUnion is the only company that has my insurance snafu listed. I talked to my mom about the whole thing and she said that it was resolved outside of court and the insurance company reimbursed her. I tried to find a record of the incident on the Pennsylvania courts public records website, but nothing came up (the site was confusing though, I wasn’t sure if the records were from all of PA or just Philadelphia). I haven’t contacted TransUnion yet because I want to try and speak with someone at the court house to see how the incident is documented (can I just call them up and have them tell me, or do I have to fill out paperwork to get the info…?). If I have all the facts, I think TransUnion would be more inclined to take me seriously, you know? I would love some advice on all of this if anyone has experienced anything similar.

Book and Movie Reviews:
I just finished reading Broke!: A College Student’s Guide to Getting By on Less and will be writing a review on it soon. Next on the plate is my first movie review on the documentary Waging a Living. I’m planning on reading Getting From College to Career after that. Feel free to join me if any of these titles interest you!