Possible money saving gas tip
April 26, 2008, 6:14 pm
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I heard from a friend of mine that if you pump your gas slower (by not squeezing on the trigger as tightly), you will get more gas for your money. The reasoning is that the faster the gas enters your tank, the more air is mixed in with it, causing some of the gas to vaporize and you to have less dense gas than if you pumped it slower. I took this advice today while I filled up my tank and pumped it as slow as possible.

I poked around the internet trying to find any support for this claim and I came up with mixed reviews. One argument made a very valid point: the longer it takes to pump the gas, the more evaporation with occur so, chances are, the slower pumping and the extra time negate each other. I’m keeping a close eye on my gas mileage to see if there’s any noticeable difference.

What are your thoughts and or findings on this gas tip?

While I was searching, I came across this great article at Edmunds.com. They put some gas saving tips to the test and discovered which ones really save gas and which ones do not. Unfortunately, they did not test the affects of pumping your gas slower.