Rite Aid for beginners
April 22, 2008, 3:54 pm
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Rite Aid’s rebate program, Single Check Rebates, is probably the simplest drug store rebate program to participate in. Rite Aid offers a monthly rebate directory (usually found near the front of the store, next to the weekly ad) where you can find all the rebates they have for the month.

Some of the Single Check Rebates aren’t valid for the whole month, they are only available for one week out of the month. It will clearly say in the rebate directory when it is only a week long rebate. They also offer double rebates when you buy a participating product during a certain week and get double the original rebate amount (if you buy the product any time during the month other than during the specified week, it will only be for the original rebate amount). Again, these are clearly marked in the rebate directory. Rite Aid usually offers at least a few items that are free after rebate each month. These deals can be sweetened by using coupons to lower the total amount you pay out of pocket.

The great thing about Single Check Rebates is that you can enter the information off of your receipts and request your rebate check on Rite Aid’s website. There’s no need to use stamps to mail off anything, thus increasing the amount of money you will make. Once you have all of your receipts entered for a given month, you request your check by the deadline and receive it in the mail a few weeks later.

Nice and easy.

Turnoff Week 2008
April 22, 2008, 9:29 am
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Did you know that this week (April 21-27) is National TV Turnoff Week? Sponsored by screentime.org, Turnoff Week is a yearly event that encourages you to unplug your television for a whole week in order to reconnect with the world and people around you. Pick up a book, play some board and card games, talk to your family and friends face to face, or go outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. If for no other reason, participate just to see a nice dip in your electric bill!