Frugal highs and lows for the day
April 21, 2008, 6:17 pm
Filed under: Frugality

I’ll begin with the lows since I’m a pretty optimistic person and I like to get the negatives out of the way. I peeked into my coupon envelope this morning to discover that I let $13.98 in CVS Extra Care Bucks expire. They expired yesterday. I screamed some choice expletives a few dozen times and tried to rationalize my oversight by figuring that there wasn’t much that I actually needed to spend those ECBs on since I’ve got a pretty good stock pile right now. But still! Almost $14 worth of free things down the tubes! The CVS deals just haven’t been thrilling me lately so I haven’t been keeping up with my ECBs, but clearly I need to get back on that!

*sigh* Okay, now for the good stuff. I’ve got 4 (!) frugal highs to recount.

I finally received my federal coupon for $40 off a digital TV converter a few days ago in the mail. Jake and I stopped by Best Buy to pick it up yesterday. We got it for the low, low price of free since I had a gift card for Best Buy (I still have a $14 balance) and we used the coupon. We got it all set up and we’re now enjoying 12 crystal clear channels as opposed to the 6 snowy channels we had before. It feels like we got a whole new TV except we didn’t spend a dime.

Jake’s dad called him this morning to let him know that he can get a new cell phone for free now that it’s time to renew his cell phone contract (they’re on a family plan and Jake’s dad had just renewed his own line and discovered the free offer). Jake broke his cell phone a few months ago by snapping it clear in half (by accident, of course) and has been borrowing an old clunker from a friend ever since. We stopped by a Verizon store and, after some headache, picked up the free phone. It’s not on the cutting edge of cell phone technology, but it’s a fully functional phone that will hopefully last Jake until he’s eligible for another free phone in two years.

After the phone snafu, Jake and I stopped in Kroger to grab a few groceries we needed. While in the produce section, we stumbled upon some excellent clearance deals. In addition to what we went in for, we walked out with the following: 5 gourmet salad bowls for $1 a piece (these are normally about $6 or $7 each), 4 veggie snack packs for $1 a piece, 2 jars of organic papaya for $1 a piece (normally $4.60 each), a bag of prewashed, peeled shallots for $.50, and a package of fresh herbs for $.50. Jackpot!

Last but not least, Jake found 5 $.39 stamps hiding in his car. Buying 5 $.02 stamps certainly beats buying another 5 $.41 stamps!

What exceptionally frugal things have you done today?

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