Walgreens for beginners
April 19, 2008, 6:52 pm
Filed under: Walgreens

After CVS, Walgreens is my second favorite pharmacy where I get great deals. Their rebate program, EasySaver, is less complicated (and usually less rewarding) than CVS’s because it functions more like traditional rebates.

Every month, Walgreens puts out a booklet called the EasySaver catalog. It can be found near the front of the store beside the weekly ad. In this catalog are store coupons that are good for the whole month (you can also find store coupons in the weekly ads) as well as a listing of all the rebates for the month. There are usually a good number of rebates every month that make the participating products free or almost free. Just like at CVS, you can use both manufacturer coupons and store coupons to get “overage,” or more money back than you actually spent, on these products.

To redeem your rebates, you must tally up all the purchases you made on their total earnings sheet, circle the products on your receipts, fill out the provided form, and mail everything off to the Walgreens rebate center. You have the option of getting your money back on a Walgreens gift card or receiving a check. If you choose the gift card, you will get a 10% bonus as well (example: if you’re getting back $10 in rebates, Walgreens will throw in a dollar and give you $11 back on the gift card). I always choose to reload my gift card because, hello, that’s free money! Also, if you choose to reload your gift card once you already have one, it will take a fraction of the time to get the money than if you asked for a check. 

You can “roll” your rebates similar to how you roll CVS ECBs if you use your giftcard to pay for the following month’s free after rebate products instead of spending any money out of pocket.

Walgreens also offers a separate program called Register Rewards (RR) that is similar to CVS’s ECBs. When you buy participating products, a coupon will spit out at the register entitling you to a specific amount off your next purchase at Walgreens. You can find these RRs in the weekly ad.

Another nice thing about Walgreens EasySaver program is that you can check the status of your rebates online at Walgreens website.

I hope this helps clarify how to get the most out of shopping at Walgreens. I highly recommend Walgreens 101 over at Money Saving Mom if you need further explanation.