A renter’s plight
April 12, 2008, 4:01 pm
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Jake and I gave our real estate company written notice that we do not intent to renew the lease on our apartment. Our lease doesn’t end until the beginning of July, but they needed 3 months’ notice. Our apartment is fine, as a whole, but we would like something a bit bigger with a yard for our dog and, ideally, a washer and dryer. Right now, we have a one bedroom with a living room, one closet, bathroom, and kitchen. We would love at least one more room and some more closets.

At first, we were set on wanting to rent a small one story house. We quickly realized that a house is probably not going to be in our budget (no more than about $750 a month) unless we moved to a crumby part of town. I would rather not have to worry about hearing gun shots in the middle of the night, so we would like to stay either in the same general area we’re in now or nearer to the county north of the city.

Last night, I was perusing local rental agencies’ websites and the like. Man, I forgot how crappy apartment hunting is! If we found an okay sounding place, I would look it up on Google maps and it would be in a shoddy part of town or, even better, I’d find a ton of bad reviews on the rental agency. Near the end of my search, I came across a company that offered 3 apartments that we liked. They all have fenced in yards and are larger than our current apartment. One has a washer and dryer.

We were all set to give them a call on Monday to set up appointments until my dad called me this afternoon. He was talking to the woman who owns the art gallery where he has a studio and he stumbled across a lead for us. She owns another gallery a few blocks away and in the same building, next to the gallery, is an apartment. She used to live there herself until she and her husband bought a house. It is currently vacant. There is a yard and a washer and dryer. I have no idea how big it is or how much it is, but my dad said that she’s more than willing to negotiate a reasonable price. She’s more concerned about renting out the apartment to good, responsible people than making a buck. She is also happy to hold the apartment for us until we can move in near the end of June. The location isn’t the best, but I’m willing to get over that because finding a reliable landlord is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Squee! I’ve already given her a call and left her a message. Thanks to some basic networking, a long drawn out apartment hunt may be cut short. 🙂


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Good luck! I’m apartment hunting now too, and it’s SUCH a pain!

Comment by Sarah

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