Conditioner rant
March 28, 2008, 11:26 am
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I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to hair care products, but I do put my foot down on thin, watery conditioner.

The conditioner I’m currently using is pretty watery and it never feels like I use enough. I squeeze out my usual amount (which is a good sized dollap since I have long hair) and smooth it on, only to have my hair feeling like I didn’t put any conditioner in at all. So, I squeeze out some more and repeat.

What a waste! But at least I use it up quickly and can move on to a good, thick conditioner.

Which brands have thin, watery conditioner that I should avoid wasting my money on?

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I don’t use conditioner that much so I haven’t totally figured out which brands are best! But I do know that conditoners are great for shaving your legs! That is what I am doing with one(Vo5) that I don’t particularly like.

Comment by Sonshine

V05 conditioners, no matter how cheap they are, are not worth it! I forked over $7.00 once for Burt’s Bee’s conditioner, and it didn’t do anything. Conditioner should at least aid you in running a wide-tooth comb through your hair. I really like Herbal Essences original conditioner (the old school pink bottle with a rose in the middle), and I’ve been using it for maybe 7 or 8 years. I know they’ve come out with all those new lines with less volume per bottle, but as far as I know, they’ve continued to stock the pink stuff.

Comment by Sarah

Sonshine- I never thought of using it to shave! Interesting. I might have to give that a try now that it’s leg shaving weather.

Comment by Sarah

I don’t know which ones are thin and watery but I do know what is great! I have always used drugstore brands and have been partial to, yes, Pantene for a long time. It works very well and I never apply any conditioner to my roots. I start from at least a couple of inches down. Another fantabulous one is Kerasilk. It’s only in Salons and is kinda expensive but it’s soooo rich and lasts a really long time….especially because I rotate it with Pantene. My hair is long and can be kinda crazy but this combo works wonders for me 🙂

Comment by Stepmom Diaries

Yes, Stepmom, Pantene has great conditioner (even though a stylist once told me to never ever use Pantene because it contains wax).

Comment by Sarah

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