The Cheap Toilet Paper Hunt
March 16, 2008, 3:23 pm
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Jake and I are getting low on toilet paper. I really don’t want to wait another week to buy more since I’m not sure if we have enough to get us through another full week. Luckily, every store I regularly patronize has a sale on TP this week.

I pulled out my coupons and found I have a coupon for every brand on sale- something that doesn’t happen often. When matching up sales with coupons, it’s important to remember (and include it in the calculations) which stores double coupons and where their cut offs are. Here’s my coupon line up:

$.25 off any Charmin
$.25 off 4pk or larger Cottonelle
$.50 off 6 pk or larger Angel Soft
$1 off any Scott Extra Soft 4pk or larger
$1 off any Scott 12pk, 2 6pks, 3 4pks, or 12 single rolls

I also broke out my calculator. In order to get the best deal when comparing prices, you have to configure what the price per unit is– in this case, it’s per roll. Usually for food, it’s per ounce. I crunched the numbers and here’s what I found:

Rite Aid has Charmin 8pk on sale for $4.99-$.25 coupon= $4.74/8 rolls= $.60/roll
Rite Aid also has Scott Extra Soft 4pk on sale for $2.99-$1 coupon= $1.99/4 rolls= $.50/roll
CVS has Scott 12pk on sale for $6.49-$1 coupon= $5.49/12 rolls= $.46/roll
Walgreen’s has Angel Soft 12pk on sale, with in-ad coupon, for $4.99-$.50 coupon= $4.49/12 rolls= $.37/roll
Kroger has Angel Soft 12pk on sale for $5.99-$1 ($.50 coupon doubled)= $4.99/12 rolls= $.42/roll
Food Lion has Cottonelle 12 pk on sale for $6.49-$.25 coupon= $6.24/12 rolls= $.52/roll
Food Lion also has Scott 12pk on sale for $6.49-$1 coupon= $5.49/12 rolls= $.46/roll
Ukrop’s (a local grocery store chain) has Charmin 12pk on sale for $6.59-$.25 coupon= $6.34/12 rolls= $.53/roll

Looks like Walgreen’s is our winner! $.37 a roll isn’t really a steal for TP, but it will do in a pinch. I have a $4 Register Reward from a few weeks ago that I will also use in my order to make the price even lower.

It can be tempting to just grab whatever appears to be the least expensive, in this case, the Scott 4 pack, but chances are, it isn’t the best deal you can get. It just goes to show that it always pays to crunch the numbers.


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what is this obcession with toilet paper, get a life. spend your time doing something useful. volunteer for some cause

Comment by mike

This is a simple demonstration of comparison shopping. I hate wasting money on something that is quite literally being flushed down the shitter. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Mike.

Comment by Sarah

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