Rebate! Rebate!
March 12, 2008, 10:58 am
Filed under: Rebates, Technology

I discovered a great program that helps you keep track of all the rebates you’ve applied for. It’s called Rebate! Rebate! and is available for download from PC World’s website

I never kept track of my rebates until I was denied one for reportedly not including my UPCs (which I know I did). I didn’t scan anything before I submitted it, so I had no proof. Since then, I promised myself to keep better track of rebates and to document everything that I send in. 

Rebate! Rebate! also keeps track of how much money you have saved using rebates and therefore serves as a positive reinforcement for a frugal lifestyle. 🙂


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That is a really good idea! I try to remember to either photograph all my rebate materials or scan them in case the rebate is contested. It really helps to keep track of ones you’ve submitted to make sure you get your money back!

Comment by Kacie

I know, I really wanted to kick myself when I received the rejection letter telling me I wouldn’t be getting my money back unless I had proof. Thanks so much for commenting, Kacie, I really enjoy your site!

Comment by Sarah

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