Veggie rescue mission
March 10, 2008, 8:37 pm
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Tonight, my fiance, Jake (who is a wonderful cook and greatly makes up for my lack of experience in the kitchen), made delicious, hearty broccoli and potato soup. The very best thing about the soup wasn’t the taste; however, it was the fact that we didn’t need to spend an extra dime to make it.

Last night, while going through the crisper in the fridge to pull out an avocado for our tacos (also wonderful and delicious), I came across a couple of heads of broccoli that we had bought the previous week that were in danger of being forgotten about and turning into nothing more than a member of a trash medley. I absolutely hate throwing food away. I mean, why not just throw your cash straight into the trash instead?

But what could we make with broccoli? All of our chicken was in the freezer, so we had to be more innovative than just eating it plain as a side dish. My eyes landed on a bag of red potatoes that were also begging to be eaten. We had just gotten an orphan can of cream of celery (I didn’t even know that existed!) from Jake’s mom that I was also miffed at what to do with. Suddenly, the makings of a basic soup started to take form.

A few heads of broccoli, a handful of red potatoes, carrots, onion, garlic, celery, milk, water, cheese, and a can of cream of celery (that really didn’t taste much like celery, in my opinion) was all it took to create an out of the ordinary, yummy dinner for the two of us- plus some leftovers for tomorrow!

Sometimes, what you really need all along is right under your nose. It just takes some frugal creativity to rearrange it into something fitting.

For all those CVS lovers out there…
March 10, 2008, 7:31 pm
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Thanks to The Bargain Shopper Lady, I just discovered iheartcvs.com. Talk about a goldmine of information for snagging some serious deals at one of the best stores around!

Speaking of CVS, be sure to sign up to be a member of the CVS Advisor Panel to earn free Extra Care Bucks. I took a survey about a month ago and I should be receiving a $10 ECB sometime this month for just a few minutes of my time.